Ok, ok. Stay with me here lol. I know I’ve been a little all over the place with my eating, but I feel like I have finally arrived! I have been eating an animal based diet for the last 2 months (last 3 weeks being strict carnivore). I have had so many health benefits and I’ve never felt better! Life changing stuff going on here. I’d love to invite you to check out my YouTube channel. I talked about my month experience on one video and how to get started on this diet on another. And not to mention, tons of WIEIAD (what I eat in a day) videos and recipes as well.

I’ve been building a carnivore community on all my socials as well and I’d love to see you there too. Come say hi! I appreciate all of your support and I’m excited to share this new journey with you all!

Check out my videos for carnivore info, inspo and recipes: https://www.youtube.com/c/courtneyluna

I hope this update finds you all well and I’ll leave you with my new life slogan,

Eat Meat + Question Everything



My Carnivore Journey

  1. Reatha says:

    Thank you for sharing! You inspire me!


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For the majority of my life I've had a wonky relationship with food. I was 100% an emotional eater and was finally able to heal my relationship with food. Eating this way has changed everything. I no longer obsess about food. Desires to binge on my old comfort foods are gone. My energy is though the roof and I've never felt better. I have improved my mental health, my mood and I can honestly say that I am THRIVING. I am here to support you in any way that I can as you heal your body with food.

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Hi! My name is Courtney Luna and I am a former Yacht Chef sharing my easy Carnivore + Keto friendly recipes. I have changed my life by switching to a Carnivore diet and I am here to share everything I learn along the way.

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